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Avatar Adi Da's naming of the "Bright" was also a naming of Himself — for He is the Incarnation of the "Bright". His "Bright" Condition can be seen in the photographs from all periods of His Life. As a baby, He Radiated the "Bright" just as clearly as He does now.

Avatar Adi Da as a babyIt has traditionally been understood that the greatest Spiritual beings are associated with the physical body only to a certain extent — "down" as far as one of the upper chakras (either the center of the head or the throat or the heart).

In this respect Avatar Adi Da's association with the physical body is unique. His association with the body has always been only down to the center of the head (or the brain core), which is the minimum degree necessary for a physical association to exist at all.

Understanding the Human "Problem"

On the other hand, at the age of two, Adi Da made a conscious decision to allow Himself to identify "all the way" with the human body and persona, incarnating in his vehicles as if He were unaware of His own "Bright" Condition — while at the same time never losing His Establishment Above and Beyond the physical body.

He did this in order to learn exactly what the human "problem" is, and how that "problem" is to be completely overcome (a process that was completed with His Divine Re-Awakening in 1970).

And, even more profoundly, He did this in order to bring His own Divine Being directly into the grossest domains of the manifest cosmos — to Divinely Descend so that even the "outer reaches" of the cosmos would be fully Pervaded by His Divine Light (a process fully established with His Divine Self-"Emergence" in 1986).

Adi Da's Submission to Humanity

The decision that Avatar Adi Da made at two years initiated an immense Work of Submission to common humanity. That Submission lasted for sixty years, as He:

Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Submission-Work was fully and finally completed in a profound event that occurred in 2000. Since that event, it is no longer necessary (or even possible) for Avatar Adi Da Samraj to continue participating in the conditions of gross reality as He once did.

He Is Here and yet "Returned"

Avatar Adi Da still functions in the physical domain — indeed, very actively so. But He is now "returned" to the Divine Innocence of His infancy, simply "Bright" before us.

Avatar Adi DaAvatar Adi Da Samraj has Manifested here in order to speak the Truth for Real. He is here to Reveal the Real Nature of Existence and to Reveal the process — the Way of Adidam — by which that Reality is Realized.

His Communication of Truth is direct and utterly "radical", dismantling our man-made conceptions of the Divine, slicing through our illusions about "self" (or "ego"). He addresses the core concerns of the heart with unimaginable profundity and compassion.

Adi Da's Divine Transmission

Avatar Adi Da Samraj has Come to do much more than speak the Truth — He has Come to Transmit His Very Being, the "Bright" Itself. Indeed, Transmission of His Divine Spiritual Blessing and State is Avatar Adi Da Samraj's principal Divine Function in the world.

Just as He was aware of His Divine State from birth, naming It "the 'Bright'", He was also aware of His Divine Function of Transmitting the "Bright". As a young child, He named this Function "the 'Thumbs'", because when His Transmission of the "Bright" is received with the greatest degree of openness, It feels like a "mass of gigantic thumbs, coming down from above", pressing blissfully into the body.

This "Brightness" Speaks. The "Bright" is Born As This.

My Spiritual Descent upon the body-mind of My devotee is My Means. The "Thumbs" is My Means. All This was Given from the Birth of This. These Words — the "Bright" and the "Thumbs" — were Generated by Me as an infant.

I am Uttering to you the Revelation that was present at My Birth and in My Infancy, and nothing whatsoever has been added to It or taken away from It.

Nothing in the human experience has modified It or limited It in the slightest. It is a Divine Spiritual matter, a Divine Spiritual Revelation for the sake of beings.

Recognize Me. Turn to Me. Receive Me. Constantly know Me. Then you are certain of the Truth I am Telling you.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
March 24, 2003

Truth Beyond Ego

The "Thumbs" allows profound dissolution of ego, and profound heart-Communion with Avatar Adi Da Samraj. At the point of most profound Spiritual maturity, there is the possibility of moving utterly beyond the mechanism of attention — the primal presumption that "I" am having experiences of "objects".

Ultimately the "Thumbs" enables the being to Awaken as the "Bright" Itself, rather than living as an apparently separate individual.

The "Thumbs" is a unique Spiritual phenomenon, never before attested in the history of humanity's religious quest. It is the unique Gift of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

For Every Heart

By bringing His Gift of the "Thumbs" into the world, Avatar Adi Da Samraj has made it possible for beings to tangibly experience His "Bright" Condition, and (for those who apply themselves with utmost intensity to the Spiritual process in His Company) to Realize that Condition — to Realize Utter Non-separateness from Him.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj is here to make His Supreme Offering to every heart. He has always been passionately involved in generating means by which people can receive His Revelation of the "Bright".

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